The Discovery Project

What is this ? A project that is set in place for True Discoveries and evidence that can not be denied..

Discovery Projects Goal : To Put forth time ,effort and dedication for those who trust and support our team.

Where will this happen ? Along various locations on the East Coast.

Who is involved in the project ? ECBRO members , Valley bigfootin members, and a few others to be mentioned at a further date & time.

What is needed to Launch the Project ? Funds and support from anyone serious in the field of Bigfoot and the truth.


Regarding further information on the ECBRO DISCOVERY PROJECT:

Research and Investigations that will be conducted over a period of time for the next several months will be kept confidential however information will be shared but for specific reasons location and some or any evidence will not be shared until further notice.

The ECBRO has taken this project to the next level and only specific Project Team members will be participating.

We have information that we have never shared for specific reasons.
We are not taken any risks in order to prevent any compromise of the project.





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  1. Michael Giordano Ciesielski said:

    It’s Chew5704……

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