Don Peaks Wilderness Adventures 

As everyone knows I am expanding my Don Peak Wilderness Adventures Team in North America and around the world. I’m very proud to announce, the latest addition to my DPWA Team, is none other than Steve “Shakey Junior” Peck… “Shakey”, will be my Lead Bigfoot Investigator for West Virginia. Shakey, is also a (ECBRO) member and co host on Squatch Zone radio with Daniel Benoit. We expect great things from Shakey…Welcome aboard Shakey !…The DPWA Team is now in Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Wisconsin, Missouri, Texas, North Carolina, Virginia,West Virginia and Tennessee. More states to be announced soon. We are also in Australia and Sweden…once again the Don Peak Wilderness Adventures Team wishes to thank everyone for their support…Shari R. co CEO and co founder of the DPWA Team and Organization…a non profit research cryptid organization….because we don’t need the money.

​Well, fellow Bigfoot and Dogman researchers, I…Don Peak, would like to announce today that Daniel Benoit, will be my next addition to my DON PEAK WILDERNESS ADVENTURES TEAM as a the Lead Field Investigator for Virginia. Daniel will continue to head up his ECBRO TEAM and both Daniel and myself have agreed to full cooperation between our two outstanding research teams. Both my DON PEAK WILDERNESS ADVENTURES  TEAM and the ECBRO TEAM welcome this cooperation as an historic event, as regards to real field research, of the Bigfoot and the Dogman and hopefully solving the mysteries of these incredible and mysterious cryptids…you can log on to these ECBRO sites for more info at and  Daniel Benoit, will also be a guest speaker at my historic DON PEAK WILDERNESS ADVENTURES BIGFOOT AND DOGMAN CONFERENCE, to be held May 20, 2017 in Louisville Kentucky…all proceeds over the rental building will be given to the American Cancer Society. The DPWA Team continues to expand, as I seek out the very cream of field researchers both in the North America around around the world….and folks in the next few days I will be posting what we believe to photo evidence of Bigfoot habitation in western Kentucky from the DPWA Team expedition.


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