BY Michael Cook of “Cook Cryptid Research”

Cindy S. 

July 21, 2017

Gallatin, Tennessee

Class A Sighting:

Witness states that her and her husband were traveling down a heavily wooded portion of Hwy 109, just south of Gallatin, Tennessee. During the ride, the witnesses were stopped due to a traffic incident ahead of them. While stopped, her husband exited the vehicle to see ahead and she rolled down the window to get a better view of the the dense woods they were in. Curiosity took over and being a Bigfoot enthusiast, the witness decided to do a whoop call, not expecting a response. When her husband came back in the vehicle, they both heard a double whoop response. At this moment the witness looked toward the direction of the response and states that she saw two eye shines, spaced apart, approximately 9 feet off the ground. The husband heard the response whoop, but did not see the eye shine. Traffic resumed and they left the area. 

Witness said that she believes a deer and car collision was the root cause of the traffic stop. If this is the case, then it can be theorized that the creature was chasing the deer when the deer was hit by a car. Contrasting from some beliefs, a Sasquatch is a curious creature and tend to check out any kind of commotion going on in their area. So this could be why the creature was close by, because of the lights from the police vehicle. It could have also been waiting to gather the deer that had been killed by the car. Either way, theories and opinions are what our research is all about, and I believe this witness did have a Class A encounter with a Sasquatch. 

When asked, the witness also believes it was a Sasquatch she and her husband encountered.



It is quite a breath taking moment to enter the world of nature to truly know the full existence of it’s inhabitants and not just entering it for what society leads you to believe…… Daniel Benoit

The gathering of trusted friends , fellow researchers, like minded people and those willing to Discover Truth beyond the blockage that society programs many with the blindness and missing pieces of the puzzle. 

We openly welcome people to experience for themselves the world that many deny.

So lets look at our most recent Expedition experience here in the E.C.B.R.O.’s general research area which is broken up into several zones. This location is in the state of Virginia.

Wildlife acknowledged in the area:

  • Bear
  • Deer
  • Coyote
  • Bobcat
  • Mountain lion
  • Barred Owl
  • Fox 
  • Raccoon
  • Turkey
  • American woodcock
  • Whoopa will
  • Squirrel
  • American bald eagle
  • Ospray

The list can go on however the listed above has all been both seen and heard, they all have been experienced multiple times either by visual or vocally. Some more than others have been studied throughout my research both in and out of the field in order so that I may become well more acquainted and familiarized as part of my recognition to the experiences that I endure. Also by learning and knowing more about these known beautiful species of various sorts; and only then can we seperate the unknown.

Activity in the area:

During our week out at camp we have had several vocalizations one being very common is the barred owl. Always great to hear them close. “Why”? Well as I shared before in other posts I found that owls vocalizing is a sign or a heads up that squatches are in the area. Coincidence? No and here is why. Its been observed multiple times over the years. I just never paid attention to it.

On two different days we had responses from Greg Corbin’s calls.

  • Tree knock 
  • Deep howl

Several occasions of movement and possible paralleling

The majority of activity comes from the location where we set up camp. The action we experience is spread abroad in a cluster off patterns reaching in a mile radius surrounding ecbro zone 1.

Did I mention the number of the tracks and impressions found throughout the area both from wildlife and the large humanoid tracks that clearly stand out with the observations.

Others have ventured in this area on their own just to discover and experience the unknown. Sightings till this day seeing sasquatch by pairs of 2 have been freshly reported in surrounding areas with the police being called to the scene.

The excitement grows and we are proud to announce our findings as well as share what we find. Yes to some the finding of constant tracks at times seems beyond the realm of reality but I assure you they are honestly truly found. 



Do keep in mind that this is a new vast location. The reports gathered by the ECBRO are being looked into and the this location is being scouted out.



If anything such as a bigfoot inhabited this location I certainly would come across the signs of one.
I set out from camp to hike and explore the terrain climbing up the ridge, I did however come across many bear signs even fresh signs around the camp area.
I found large bear tracks ranging from 12-15″ tracks up on the ridge , well after climbing up the ridge I came into the power line area and working my way back down an old access road down to forest road. Making my way in the direction back towards my camp location I came across what had my heart thumping. NOTEThis was fresh and after seeing what others have shared with me from this area and no one knew where I was, I was easily convinced what I was seeing was real tracks belonging to SASQUATCH
(23″ long By 7″ around the heel and 9″ around the ball )
After finding these tracks I then realized my camp was right within view down below. I could not believe all this for myself but at the same time knew I was seeing real tracks.


The short track way had an odd stride. You can make out from where the stride started on the forest road with a roughly 56″ stride then the next step was only around 35″-40″ apart.
But regardless I was convinced this was not bear at all.


The following are the stride difference between the tracks with one in firmer dirt compared to the one in the wet mud.


I was convinced also these were made very recently for the very fact that we had rain for the last 2 days. It was raining the day before when I arrived.

Now let’s move on to the later part of the evening.
I was relaxed and settled in at camp had a fire going and it was so quiet no wind , no rain nothing, then it started all at 8:30pm First thing I had was a loud Whoop behind camp, that was exciting but what came after I was not expecting. Just next to camp around 30 to 40 yards was the sound of a tree being pushed over with a loud slow crack . Honestly I thought it was a bear so I started banging on objects really loud and thought ok that will scare it off, BUT NO WAY It moved behind camp a little closer snapping limb after limb.
I then realized the tracks I found, the whoop behind camp and all the activity I had was put together real quick as a message to me saying I’m trespassing.




My encounter:Bigfoot Sighting Report #30
Town: Culver Lake
County: Sussex
Type of Encounter: Close Range
Sighted on Jul 17, 1977  2:30AM 
Nearest Road: Ocawassa
Weather Conditions: bright
Sighting Details:
Me and 6 other friends headed back from the Dover Train station to Kamp Kiemesha, on a summer morning, everything was going well tow women were sleeping and the others were talking keeping me alert with jokes and camp stories. After turning off Rt. 206 onto Ocawassa rd toward camp, just as we were passed an opening on the left, a Large figure passed between Us and the Car in front, “It stood 3 foot higher than the roof of that car, as it crossed the road.” I slamed on the breaks and stopped with my headlights gazing on this large dark standing upright creature. As it crossed the road it stopped and looked towards us with its glowing red eyes, it made its way in the brush to our right.
Everyone was now awake, I gathered my thoughts and flashlight and me and another friend headed into the brush, but by then it was gone….. When we arrived at camp I called the State Police, but they said they would take care of it, I don’t think they believed it… But We Did… Ocawassa rd between Bear swamp and the Kitittany Mountain… I’ve been looking ever since, now with a camera… but no luck… some say there has been footprints found on Mt. Paridise and Wireless but I’ve looked but not found….
The road name is actually Lake Owassa Road, (aka East Shore Lake Owassa Road). It leads westward off of 206 and heads toward Lake Owassa. View a Mapquest image of the area.