Im sure many of you that ride through the mountains of Virginia or hike and camp our national forest have seen a great deal of the various wildlife that inhabits our land.

 I have witnessed a great deal of them such deer, sightings of bear as well as numerous encounters with them, Skunks, rabbits , Turkey, Fisher cat, Bard owls, bald eagles, osprey by the lakes, marsh hawks, red tail hawks, Coyotes and so many others I can mention but Im here to bring attention to a much more elusive stealthy and beautiful animal. 

The Mountain Lion aka cougar. Although the department denies ever recieving reports there is a great deal of eyewitnesses and one of them being myself. As an independent wildlife researcher and Cryptozoologist I am always observing my surroundings in the great outdoors and Have found the tracks that belong to almost every living creature that lives here in Virginia and the mountain lion is just one of many however Ive witnessed a black cat crossing the forest road in 2015. I have also gathered and picked up reports of farmers having them on their property. Who would trust as an incredible source an eyewitness or someone who denies reports?

Black Panther (cougar)

Mountain lion (common breed)
Perhaps you have witnessed one of these beautiful creatures yourself, please feel free to share your story with me.

Or maybe you have witnessed something much larger and out of the ordinary that you can’t explain and want to share with someone who will understand and believe you. As a Cryptozoologist I research and study the unknown an unclassified elusive primate also denied by many BIGFOOT!

Tell me about it with details date and location:


Daniel J. Benoit.                        (Field Researcher)