My first question to the non believer and skeptic are you calling everyone who has seen a Bigfoot a liar ?

Why are only Single tracks being found? Common sense suggests consider the soil and terrain. Is it clear, soft, or hard?

Throughout the ages all across the globe eyewitnesses and people  just as yourself have remained quiet out of fear of ridicule and mockery that comes forward from the very same person you are today thinking that the existence is one big joke or a hoax.

Who is leaving behind the evidence left deep in our forest? Tracks belonging to no known species, large formations ruled out not being from weather. 

Many of you ask the same old questions regarding where is the body or with todays technology why haven’t we found one yet? This is where you are lost and unaware due to your lack of interest of not willing to research and to explore for yourself.

Are you aware of the hundreds of species still being discovered today that we never knew existed or throught were extinct? But wait Why didn’t we know about them with todays technology? See my point? Of course you dont let me add more here.

Many consider BIGFOOT as either human or as an undiscovered or unclassified primate, well no matter how we look at the subject they are both highly intelligent beings and a few non human primates possess more intelligence than we do. A large mountain gorilla being observed in its own natural habitat can simply disappear with out a trace right in front our own eyes this is because of the natural occurrence of them having the ability to hide with natural camouflage not no special powers. Primates a lone are shy and yet very cautious animals they are well alert to any unfamiliar presence in their territory and do observe us without revealing themselves. We can be feet in front of them and never know it.

Todays technology can help us but is limited. Remember technology is man made therefore its not perfect.

Many known primates burry their dead or dispose of them after they are done mourning after their loss. What becomes of the body or remains of a non human primate? I have done studies on primates quite in depth in order to compare with the possibility on how the facts may compare to Bigfoot. Well Without getting into the Subject and details of TAPHONOMY allow me to explain an important but yet simple fact about non human primates verses us human primates. When a non human primate dies and the breakdown process has gone through it’s steps and then we are left with skeletal remains well here is something very few know that the discovery of remains are very limited due to perseverance. Non human primate bones dissolve and breakdown quickly especially in highly acidic soil.

Now is this the case with Bigfoot? It very well may be but for those who look at Bigfoot as a human then this would not make sense as they are still scratching heads trying to come up with another logical conclusion or in some cases making up magical reasoning without no supportive data

These are known facts related to known non human primates.

This is just a small taste of something to really consider.