Some of you may be asking yourselves “whats the difference” Well lets take a look.

There are many among us who both lie and hoax, but why do they do this ?

Whats is a Liar;  They are those who want your full attention and loyalty regardless of how outrageous or extreme the lie may actually be. They starve and hunger for leadership against all others involved in the subject of interest. They want complete recognition and praise.

Birth of a Liar: It all starts with self deception , a repetitive rehearsed Story told to one’s own self until it has became a reality , then thereafter it becomes a story to deceive many other naive gullible people who take and run with it.

Why do people believe or support the one’s spreading the lies ?

  • They are friends with the liars
  • They do not require proof or evidence
  • It fulfills their incompetent minds 
  • They are simply lacking common sense
  • Uneducated

            ( The blind leading the blind)


The comedians , the Attention seeking no counts, Money hungry fame seekers.

These individuals destroy the credibility of those who take the subject seriously, as well creates a major set back or turn off to the mainstream scienfic fields point of view when it comes down to considering the real truth of the subject at hand. Not to mention the newbie or enthusiast who is just entering into this field becomes easily discouraged and leaves the community just to share what they have learned that it was all a joke.

Ask yourself this, Are Hoaxers and Liars really any different?

They both deceive people and give false hopes, they prevent the real truth from spreading, They cannot provide concrete evidence NOR DO THEIR FOLLOWERS REQUIRE IT. 

If any one man tells you he sees bigfoot everyday , all day and over 80 of them in his lifetime – WHERE IS THE FUCKING EVIDENCE?????