Greg Corbin

Greetings all! Lately there has been some back and forth with other groups and it has become clear to us this serves neither the ECBRO and it’s individual members, the Bigfoot community as a whole, or anyone looking to us to help them understand and learn more about the truth we seek any good whatsoever. We have been researching Bigfoot for a long time and have always taken pride in the honesty and integrity of our research. We don’t fake, hoax or lie and always share our findings with others to teach, inform and encourage. And for us to become involved in the bickering, bashing and backbiting that is already entirely too prevalent in the Bigfoot community would not be a true representation of who we are as a research group.
So, that having been said, we’d first like to apologize to our members and all who are associated with us for having entertained and become involved with such nonsense. We are so much better than that. Those who have spread lies and spoken against us simply don’t understand the responsibility that comes with doing what we do and we should not have allowed ourselves to play their immature and childish games.
Next, we would like to take this opportunity to announce that we have adopted a new credo for how we interact with other groups. From this moment on we will NOT become involved with bashing, backbiting or belittling other groups. We will no longer allow ourselves to be baited into arguments or confrontations by the immature and undignified speech or actions of others.
We hereby make this promise: to devote ourselves and our attention to our unending honest, authentic and dedicated quest for the truth about Bigfoot.  We promise to remain ethical and trustworthy in our research and to conduct ourselves with the integrity and selfless transparency that has served us so well up to this point. We make these promises to our members and associates, our friends, our families and to all those in the Bigfoot community dedicated to finding the truth. We will continue to excel in the areas of research and discovery and to share our findings with anyone needing answers, education and encouragement.
Thank you all for your continued support and we look forward to all of the adventure and discovery this quest has to offer. And we hope you will continue on this journey with us.

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God bless and Thank you