Know who I am and why I stress truth and awareness in the bigfoot community.


Theories flood the world we live in, But why do so many take them as fact with out proof or evidence?

Are they that anxious or uneducated to quote and sware by them just to pretend they know something in life?

Some individuals in the world of bigfoot teach & spread false claims or say they saw this or that but want to call it truth, but get this They do not have nothing to show for what they speak of.
Funny right? Well sadly its truth but many follow into the deception of these so called teachers or researchers.

Anyone can claim or make statements but what do they have to back it up?

Am I a know it all? Am I an expert? No not at all…..

But who exactly am I in the BIGFOOT COMMUNITY?
I am one of the few logical sane down to earth individuals among you.
I conduct research and studies both in & out of the field. I study and research many of our known wildlife independently through various field subjects including ecology a long working with certified biologist and professors in these fields.
It is crucial to know and understand what already does exists and that is acknowledged. One of my main focus studies falls under primatology (Note: I do not hold a degree under this field)
I compare behaviors and patterns of the known wildlife with other unnatural findings to perhaps distinguish between the various species among us in order that we may have a sense of understanding that what is found can be explained logically.
I question many and even those associated with me for the purpose of coming to an understanding. I speak bluntly to correct those who make CLAIMS as fact, I ask for evidence that upholds their claims.
I am often questioned for knowledge of those who are inquiring about the BIGFOOT TRUTH regarding various topics, and I give my educated opinion and use my known knowledge of research studied in the field of wildlife.

Anyone who hunts all their life or been in the woods all their life doesn’t make them a Researcher.
A Researcher is one who is willing to investigate and rule out obvious happenings and the different species that may be responsible for what is found among us.
Comparing the various signs and findings as Well as analyzing conditions of the weather and the Creation of the destruction made from natural occurrences will truly be a lesson to oneself prior to making claims.

My Mission & Goal
I am dedicated to finding the truth in everything life throws at me, I am dedicated in knowing the truth, I am and will stand my ground on my point of view and will not be a follower of others say so or claims, I will consider the many theories and research them for myself as I have always done. I will not settle for one man’s teachings as my own beliefs until proven otherwise.
I will aim to teach and research logically as possible. I will be the voice of reason in the BIGFOOT COMMUNITY, I will continue to seek out other level headed and like minded people to help spread the awareness of the ECBRO® and I will make it known that we are a serious, honest, truth seeking TEAM of real individuals who will find the answers no matter how long it takes.
I am obligated to the BIGFOOT COMMUNITY to be who I am. Bigfoot Research is more than my passion it is my life to give only the truth as it is learned with proof.

*I need support from those who understand and who are willing to stand up for who we are dedicate themselves to truth.
*I am Daniel J. Benoit the founder of the ECBRO®
*Researcher & Mentor for those wanting to join the team.
*Host of the ECBRO DISCOVERY NEWS BLOG CAST on YouTube channel ECBRO98.
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