Hey there Daniel, this is Elaine, Scott Zinn’s friend. I promised you a story, this is mine and my daughter will also send you her account of that evening.

    It was Spring, maybe early Summer, at least 6 years ago and dusk…just dark enough to need my lights on. My daughter [Daphne] and I were leaving my mother’s house. Her driveway slopes down as you leave it, so that your headlights shine up to the house and it’s surroundings.

Daphne stops me 3/4 of the way down the driveway, “Mommy, what is that?”

I had no idea what she was even looking at. For fear of running over something I slam on the brakes.

“What is what?”, I asked.

“That, up in the tree…” Daphne said, staring wide eyed.

“It’s probably just an owl.” Me being a mom, trying to be rational…. I glance up into the tree, just bin time to see what I thought were claws/ talons on a branch. the tree is full of leaves and my line of sight is interrupted by the foliage. Just when I am sure it is just a big bird of some sort….the tree starts to shake. Like it would if a grown man were climbing through it. At that moment, with the aid of my headlights, WE witness the figure leap from the tree to the roof of my mother’s house. That’s when my daughter and I are able to see the bottom half of what was in the tree. It was a dark grey color. No clothes, no shoes, and at it’s calf, were the tips of what I believe were it’s wings. Now, not believing what I am seeing, I turn and look at my daughter….her eyes are wide and un-blinking, staring straight at what I was just looking at.

I say, “What IS that?”

Daphne looks at me, eyes starting to tear, maybe from fear, maybe because she hasn’t blinked in 30 seconds, and she says to, “Mommy, go, go, go, Mommy, please, go….hurry, mommy, please!!!” I take my foot off the brake and slam on the accelerator. We take off and head home. I call my mother. Ask her if she heard anything on her roof. She is oblivious to any noises. She has no idea what just happened. I do not tell her. On the way home, I ask my daughter what she saw….I didn’t offer up my version until I hear hers. I think I was secretly hoping she saw something else, that way I could say I was seeing things. That was not the case. She explained, to the tee, what I saw….it had to be real. We call it the BATMAN, although, truthfully I associated him more closely with a gargoyle looking figure, it was how Daphne described him. And that is what stuck.  

About 2 years ago, on a tv channel called “A&E” they had a special on urban legends, the accountability of eye witnesses, and so on….at the end it said if we had any info or a story to tell to email them. I did. In my email I expressed that I did not want any recognition, I did not want to be on tv, I didn’t even want them to use my name. No fame, no fortune….just my story…out there for the world to see. I did not get a response. And I am ok with that. It has

merely been a scary story to tell when the subject of odd experiences comes about….until now.

I did tell my daughter that I wanted to email you and I wanted her to do the same. I ended the conversation there, just so she wouldn’t ask me what I was going to say. I didn’t want to influence her story at all.

I swear with my right hand on the bible, that everything in this email is the honest to God truth, not even the slightest of embellishments.

If you have any questions feel free to call or text me anytime…

Thank you for your time.


Elaine Hayes