Is the east coast underestimated when it comes to Bigfoot population?

I believe it is but that’s my two cents.

What’s so different on the West compared to the East ?

* Is it the dense vast forest?
* Bigger mountains?
* Or the rain fall?
* Is it abundance of food selection?

OK all these do matter, but although the West may provide these in a larger amount or quantity, The East has all the same sources and a slight vastness of forest.


Researchers on the East Coast strive to provide evidence as well as answers to the community, as we put forth effort, time, and funds out of our own pockets.
Field Research, Observations, Scientific studies, but with sane logical truth with out overdoing theories that have no solid ground of evidence.
Daniel J. Benoit is the founder of the East Coast Bigfoot Researchers Organization and along with other team members have gone forth almost on a daily bases to seek out evidence and truth to bring home to you, to lay the pieces of the puzzle out to provide the right answers.
Evidence from various East Coast Bigfoot groups and Teams have been shared openly.
I work and compare studies, and other findings with fellow friends and researchers.

Bigfoot History
Various locations up and down the East coast for 100+ years have been reported. Tracing back to our Own Native Americans whom document all forest dwellers.

Where did they come from?
Well lets all think of this:

The Bering land bridge is only theory, however Bigfoot/Sasquatch like creatures have held native American legend history as long as most really know if not longer. Is it impossible to believe that they were actually Native here among the various native tribes as well???
There is fossil record of other known primates once existing here in the US.
Even Canada has records, Alaska has even had Evidence of Tropical plants such as palm trees indicating a warmer climate at one point in time, So I believe in the possibility of them already being here or migrating from up north


To make a long statement short:
The East Coast provides more than what most give credit for.

A special thank to all those who support and understand what the ECBRO and what we bring to the table.

We will continue to provide evidence and truth here on the East Coast.