Before I make my statement – I am boldly stating this as fact.

We know that Gigantopithicus once roamed the earth during the prehistoric era.
Who was this Giant ? Better yet Who is he now ?
He was and still is the only known identified 9 – 10Ft tall walking up right primate that science does acknowledge .
He is not acknowledged to exist in the modern day , reason being is he is thought to be extinct .

Well with all the reports from 100’s of years up to today and all the eyewitness accounts he still does.

Many deny this because Science does not believe or acknowledge this , well Science believes in many Theories that can not be proven.
So how can you throw this out as not real or as being proven ?

A body may the logical sense of proof but with Eyewitness accounts and so many various findings of evidence we can say this to be true .
Everyone has their own way of seeing or understanding but I am trying to get you to see beyond Science and not to depend on them alone.
Now to clarify something simple as I explain my book
Like many species of various animals they all have the different strain or breed within its own kind. This explains the size differentials in the reported sightings in various locations.

I don’t expect everyone to understand or believe in my claimed fact but if you open your mind and study the Evidence and history of the Living Bigfoot that truly does exist then just maybe you will see my point as well.

Daniel Benoit ( founder & ceo )