Some of us do what we do for the fun or thrill of it. Some of us do this because we want to learn and share the knowledge to bring awareness to what’s really happening . Education does plays a big roll in researching in any field regardless of what your into however for those of us who do research we ourselves are learning in the process . Science is limited in what can be taught reason being its built & based off of “THEORIES” Researchers are out to change theories into facts and correct the errors that it possesses so deeply . There is Simply No wrong way of researching . Yes some of us may be limited to the proper resources or tools to gather more in depth data but why Demolish ones way of conducting their work ? Your wrong for doing this – No one said you have to agree with anyone – leave others alone and respect them for you just may learn that they may be on the right path of bringing the subject at hand to the true acknowledgement of our understanding.
Reputations are at stake because some of you do not agree with others and you feel that you must expose them to the point of humiliation and ridicule and causing others to hate on them. Reconsider your intentions and open your mind as well as your heart.

Yours Truly ,
Daniel J. Benoit
(Founder of the E.C.B.R.O.)


Daniel Benoit ( founder & ceo )