6/29/2014 Washington State episode:

Well this review will be kept short for a few good reasons .

One is the way they normally approach  as we all know with an army of camera men not counting the crew it self – Secondly the the blistering cold with heavy down snow blinding and also distracting . And what gets me is this crew has enough experience with these hi tech thermal devices ” To know that they are useless in those very cold temperatures ”
But of course the show must go on and Matt Moneymaker needs his money.

The only good I got from this episode was the appearance of Jeff Meldrum and his awesome explanation & the point he made about the position of the track way he investigated .
And the eyewitnesses to me were not really all that impressive but that’s my opinion – Now on an upper note the 2 track comparisons between the bear & squatch track was great , I really liked that.

Thank you and if you have any questions feel free to share them . I do not always cover every portion of the show but more of a summerized review of a whole.



Daniel Benoit ( founder & ceo )