Those of you who know me, knows I don’t publically give my opinion on people specifically BF researchers. Mainly because I have never been out in the field nor have I ever had an encounter of any kind with the Bigfoots. I don’t think that I have enough experience or the knowledge of expressing that kind of opinion in most cases. Plus, I don’t like putting myself out there…lol. I am an introvert and we introverts don’t like attention. I am not a perfect person I make many mistakes. I do try to treat people with kindness and respect. I try to treat people the way I want to be treated. I try very hard to be respectable. Now, with my close friends, I let my hair down, so to speak but that’s because with my friends I can. I don’t care about being popular or what people think of me. I learned a long time ago, people are going to think what they want about you no matter what you do. I can’t control people and what they think but I can control me. It’s my decision on what kind of person I want to be. What I do care about is what is right and the truth. Now with that being said, I am expressing my opinion here because it’s a small group and well I am still not really putting myself out there…lol. This isn’t really “public.” There isn’t going to be too many people that will see this or that really care what I think. That’s ok like I said I am not about being popular which is why I keep a low profile. I don’t want to be known, obviously and for reasons I won’t disclose because that will be mean if I really say what I feel. I am going to talk about someone right now and call them out so to speak. I am not slamming them as matter of fact quite the opposite. I think they deserve recognition. I have been watching this person very, very closely for a few months now. Now, I am going to be honest. At first, he just wasn’t my favorite person and I thought he was like everyone else. I was SO wrong. Really wrong. I have no problem with admitting that because when I’m wrong, I’ll say it and I am wrong ALOT. Guess that makes me human…lol. This person really cares about the research and really cares about getting the truth out there, IMHO. The more I learn of this person and their research, the more respect I have for them. I think for someone who is still fairly new at this, I mean he isn’t a “seasoned” researcher, he hasn’t been doing this for 20 years or so but he is really showing how real research is very important to him. At least that’s what I think. That person is Daniel Benoit. Here lately, I have learned a lot from him and about him. I think he’s an honest and true one. Which btw, unfortunately is rare in this BF world. As you all know, I left most of the BF groups here on FB because of the bull crap drama. Rarely do I ever see real research. It’s mostly a bunch of nonsense. I got really tired of it because I am in this to learn. I have MUCH to learn. Name calling, being rude, cussing (throwing that “f” word around like it’s nothing is like driving a knife through me), pictures of blob squatches, researchers who care more about being popular and wanting fame more than putting real evidence out there isn’t what I call real research. Most of the people who do get recognition don’t deserve it as far as I am concerned. I am not saying all BF researchers here on FB are bad. There are some good ones, I believe but they are rare. Like finding a needle in a hay stack. Some of these BF groups seem to be about who is going to get a**hole of the year award and there are many, many runner ups, imo. Bigfoot, I do believe in their existence and it will always be an interest of mine but here on facebook it has just got to the point of just plain ridiculousness. Daniel, is the real deal, I believe. Daniel, if you just happen to read this…my hat’s off to you buddy. You have my respect and not too many people in the Bigfoot world have that. Frankly, I do care about everyone. I have not made any except one….LOL… enemies. I don’t want to see anything bad to happen to anyone. But…to get my respect is not an easy task. There just isn’t too many people who have that. My respect has to be earned. I am not saying having my respect is all that I’m just pointing that out and being honest. I love the subject of Bigfoot I always will and I do something bigfoot everyday. God bless.


Daniel Benoit ( founder & ceo )