Coming weekly I will be posting a blog post of my thoughts and my honest opinion of what I believe on particular points of the show .
Keep in mind no one needs to agree with what I have to say but it will be for discussion and open to everyone .

A little about my thoughts on the show – Its strictly for entertainment and the show does what it does to keep viewers interested. The sounds of suspense during peek moments leave you on edge then boom a commercial – then upon return they might get a wood knock or hear some vocalization that viewers don’t get to hear , yes on occasions we may get to hear something but that’s all we get from this show .
A lot of the ” SO CALLED WITNESSES ” seek only attention to appear on television but the few are incredible to a certain point . Its important to pay attention to details with there stories and how they describe there encounter. A lot of this is far fetched but don’t fall into a gullible state – REMEMBER – The show is to bring us entertainment and keep viewers viewing. This is how Matt Moneymaker makes his money – not to mention charges a high fee to attend BFRO EXPEDITIONS – unlike the ECBRO we are a Non – Profit Organization and our Expeditions are free – because we want people to enjoy the outdoors and learn the truth .


Daniel Benoit ( founder & ceo )