We must protect our friends of the forest.

We are researchers United & dedicated in search of the truth .
We put forth the time and effort to learn , study , and observe the constant changes in the environment as well as wildlife in nature .
The ECBRO research program (Discovery Project) is a simple but yet long term program set in place to make the biggest Discovery yet to take place in the history of mankind .
The project will have no end; However there is much to learn and correct in the Bigfoot Community that we will be sure to make happen .
We believe in the truth & so should you. We will continue to improve as we go forth with each step in the whole learning process . Believe in us & show your support by standing by our side & be on the look out for ECBRO GEAR FUNDRAISERS and Donation Links that are 100% secure & safe.
Come now and become a part of the ECBRO DISCOVERY PROJECT .

Interested in wanting to become a researcher contact us and join our outings .
Thank you & God Bless

Daniel Benoit -Founder