BIGFOOT IN MY BACK YARD (Virginia) 2/04/20

On One of Virginia’s residents property whom I have investigated in the past due to ongoing activity just may have caught bigfoot in the act.

Approximately around 9:30pm 2/04/20 as the individual had stepped out on her back balcony with her flash light She was dealing with some bird & squirrel seed and she may have captured an image of whats been lurking around her home.

Tracks have been found before on her property and neighbors have reported hearing odd unfamiliar sounds.

These images may be blurry and due to being at night and the quick snap from off a camera phone but in my honest opinion they show something with shaggy hair and long arms.

Almost in a knuckle walk position…Judge for yourself:

The yellow outline is what we believe the position/ direction the subject is heading.

Possibly another subject to the far left in the back.

But what do you think this is ?

Comment below:


Founder of the
E.C.B.R.O.East Coast Bigfoot Researchers Organization

Author of Learning Bigfoot

Daniel J. Benoit

Wildlife & Bigfoot Researcher and Virginia resident Investigator.

One who grew up in nature as a child playing and hunting with his father became quite familiar with Wildlife as the years went by the thought of Bigfoot wasn’t nothing He dwelt on or thought of but was heard of and was known to the back of his mind, but it was not till the seeing the Roger Patterson & Bob Gimlin footage analyzed and work on is when the curiosity struck and a great interest grew and is now a strong Desired passion for the love and research of Sasquatch.

Daniel Started off as an Independent Investigator as he was taken notice of the Rise of the squatch as he referred to it as The Subject was becoming more open and Widely known among the Public Society but yet it was not accepted.

He soon learned after he was involved in his own research that there was a much larger community that existed and dedicated to the study and discussion of bigfoot, This Community was found on Social Media , hidden from most non believers and skeptics to protect their identity and reputation against the mockery and ridicule of the close minded , the unaware, the ones lacking the real truth.

As an independent investigator Daniel soon began researching the theories that many had floating around the web. He went in with a very open mind believing that anything was possible especially with the unknown. His awareness was opened more abroad, his senses were alert and became more in touch with nature as he explored more in depth and began to pay special attention to the known wildlife itself. Behaviors , and patterns were studied more closely to how the wildlife lived. Observation of odd Structures became known , and the world around him became more open to him, only then did the Discoveries began to take place. Tracks of all the various wildlife were more noticed as he searched more diligently with great passion and they were found the big unknown humanoid bipedal tracks .Through out his early field work came many more findings of larger tracks in deep remote locations along the east coast. With his senses more keen and his mind more apt to the world around him the forest sounds were heightened to his sense of hearing, taken notice of all known species and then learning the various sounds of the unknown.

Daniel began Research out of the field in Studies comparing all known wildlife both foreign and domestic the more he searched he learned of one known species matched the sounds ,behaviors and other occurances that many others experienced as a similar equel but yet different. The Modern great Apes that the world today is aware of . These known Primates living among us today all have the same behaviors as what is observed today in America. The long unknown howls, The whoops, the Tree knocks , and the many other found structures of formations some appearing to be possible shelters are all equal to our known primates. Since Bigfoot is not acknowledged by science today there is no classification of what Sasquatch or Bigfoot is as to a specific Identifacation. Daniel is not and does not consider Our big hairy forest dwelling subject one of our known primates however he does compare the two, and In doing so he believes undoubtedly that Bigfoot is a form of Ape but all in of its own species but definitely not Human by any means.

His research has discovered many details meeting some known facts however it is all still speculation due to the lack of science not doing their part in the field.

This is the very reason the ECBRO has set in motion the Discovery Project and has gathered a sincere , honest , and dedicated team.

Let this little taste of information enlighten you to the knowledge and true dedication we truly have in this field of Cryptozoology.

Do know the ECBRO are not experts in any field but are always researching and studying to bring the truth to light.

The ECBRO seeks your support as well as patience as we continue in our Mission to provide logical , clear and real evidence as we have always done so. We believe in educating and bringing awareness to both the Bigfoot Community and the Closed minded lost world around us.



DANIEL J. BENOIT (himself)

Mystery Animal floating the Web 2019

This very photo below has people baffled and they cant seem to grasp what it is well here I am to shed light on the matter since people are lazy and dont know how to look into this for themselves.

Some see this as an up side down cat face…. Ok whatever you want to believe !

Ok you see what Im referring to….. Now the first thought immediately was a bear and I believe I just may be correct.

See below other game cam photos of bears looking into the camera…

Ok still not convinced ?

Lets look at these with a more partial view.

Look again:

Yes all the above are bears.

Several Animals get up close and curious with cameras in the woods. It’s an foreign object.

Many animals see these cameras and even hear them.

I have one camera that had a deer less than 2 feet from it and then bolted off as soon as it clicked. It didn’t see it but definitely heard it.

Anyway people stop reading to much into these odd images on the web, they will not get you no where.



And if you think or feel otherwise who cares.

Move a long !


Over the years Bigfoot has been called several names but what species does he fall under ?

Speaking the thoughs in my mind:

First off I follow the bigfoot phenomenon pretty close and the little bit of science involved behind it. We have so much speculation regarding what Bigfoot even is.

Ive read and heard people say he’s this or that and that he’s not this or that…… This really digs deep under my skin, yes it urks me and it should bother you as well if you take this seriously.

Let me explain as simple as I can to you as I try my best to set the record straight.

We can believe or think what we darn well please about bigfoot and that is all ok and there is surely nothing wrong with that.

But what is not ok at all is to make statements as facts. You can not turn an unproven theory or a possibility into FACT. No sir , common sense should tell you this but for those who don’t I’ll try to break this down for you short and sweet.

As true Believers and all eyewitnesses who know first hand we know they (BIGFOOT) exist …… OK

But the world in general does not know that, they ridicule and mock the very thought of such a being even living among us.

People swear bigfoot has been proven to exists through past DNA studies……….Well Stop right there……..No that has never happened…… It was attempted and that’s all ill say about that for now, because if bigfoot was proven and recognized openly to the public then The world would know and it would even make world wide news networks…. THINK ABOUT IT and stop being deceived.

Now with that being said the point behind this short blog is there is NO FACTS ABOUT BIGFOOT besides being hairy and leaving foot prints behind.

Anyone who claims any information regarding bigfoot as being definite and or true is in error unless they can provide the concrete solid evidence and undeniable proof.

Anyone who shares information as FACT with out documented evidence or proof is either a story telling hoaxer or an attention seeking idiot, because one there is no experts in this field and two there is NO FACTS ABOUT BIGFOOT.

Only thing we know is what we physically observe and again its our observations and still does not prove anything.


In this simple blog I want to address all beginners and/or enthusiasts wanting to get started in the world of Bigfoot Research.

First of all I’m not an expert by no means however I want to help based on my methods and belief regarding the subject. I will take you through a few basic steps.


Become familiar and learn all about wildlife mainly to identify their tracks , scat and diet, and even their known various vocals.

If you don’t know what is known how can you can discover what’s considered unknown….

Daniel Benoit


Choose an area or location to begin your exploring and research. Become well acquainted and familiar with the territory, the layout , the wildlife that inhabits the area and even surrounding area. Learn to observe changes throughout the year either it be from weather damage or from wildlife.


Although the subject of interest here is BIGFOOT we must also first choose a species we believe BIGFOOT to be.

So go ahead & choose !

Now it gets a bit more interesting, time to start listing all reasons why you chose that species.

Lets start with what behaviors, traits and then diet.

Next we compare the similarities based off of observations and reported descriptions.

* Do you have any matching comparable data ?

If not maybe compare another species. The following books which arw found on Amazon may give you some insight and further info.

Thank you and Please feel free contact me for any questions.


Recently Ive made a brief blog speaking about shadow squatches….well yes blob squatches, and your famous stump squatches are included in the statement and Im sure you get the point on whats not or should not be accepted for any credibility especially in the world of science.

I felt it was necessary to give a few

visual examples of what is polluting the serious side of the bigfoot community.

In other words more childish images.

Ok this image even includes the famous red circles.

Next we have a shadow cast upon a tree just inside the tree line.

On this shadow on the tree I should at least give credit to Mr. Wilson his famous & common work.

Be on the look out for his upcoming Movie



What was Stacy Brown thinking when he did this documentary with

Mr. C Wayne Wilson

Oh I forgot Wayne paid him to do this…

Anyway back on track here

Next I will show you a couple examples of a stump squatches

First image below was a stump that was zoomed in on and pixalated. Its aslo a still shot from a video. The individual is seen walking right by the stump after zooming in.

The other stumps speak for themselves.

All the above are prime examples on how not to be taking serious.

Yes people might be nice and go a long with you not to cause any grief but truth is they are hurting the community because it does not help those who are trying to present a serious scientific approach.

If you missed the short blog called SHADOW SQUATCHES definitely check that out. It goes a long with this.

Shadow Squatches

There has been a rise of alledged sasquatch/bigfoot photo’s some stolen from others and claimed to be their own not knowing many of us already know the truth source and of course many are your typical blob SQUATCH.

Very few take the subject serious enough to care what they post most of these childish adults are only fooling themselves.

A main or commonly posted photo is your typical shadow SQUATCH and sadly people believe in them or are quick to accept it as being the real deal.

Now me on the other hand will admit that squatches do hide and lurk in the shadows of the forest but what we have going in the bigfoot world is uncalled for and will not get us no where.

Above is a prime example of what is wrong with the bigfoot community. A shadow on a tree being called a Bigfoot….This is by far any bit professional at all. Its what a child like mentality with an over active imagination would accept.

The forest and tree’s in general are notorious for holding shadows due to the casting and positioning of sunlight throughout the day !

The proper technique for an alledged bigfoot photo is simply a before and after photo but the same time of day and conditions as well as same position or angle of view and as far as shadow squatches I dare you to approach the shadow image while filming it and I promise you the situation will debunk itself instead of wasting the viewers time.

Below are simple shadows of the forest.

Please improve your technique but conducting proper filming and follow ups. Learn how to use your equipment and approach your shadow squatches…. I promise you they will not hurt you.

Bringing Bigfoot to the Mainstream

What does this mean ? Some are asking don’t we have science already involved with Bigfoot?

Sure we have professors in Anthropologist , wildlife biologist, and Archeologist, but for those of them that have stepped foot into such an area such as Bigfoot this is a great thing to have them involved to educate and bring awareness My hats off to People like Meldrum, Bindernagle and many others. I follow these people for guidance but as for some it may have become no more than a side hobby to appear at conventions to sell their items and share information to tell you they do believe in the existence but we can all say we believe but showing up at every conference is not going to win over the Mainstream field.

What I can tell you is among these few that they are involved in a much more Scientific project to get the ball rolling.

A project under way involving a professor out of North Carolina State University a long with his colleagues consisting of a primatologist , wildlife biologist and several others are going to be making changes in the way science does not considers the existence of Bigfoot frankly they are going to be doing quite the opposite and will be waking up the Mainstream world.

This project requires cooperation from us field researchers in the way many of us do collect evidence with field work observations, and the collection of all findings with PROTOCOL. Using proper technique and documentation will really have an effect on how the project will lead to a successful outcome.

The ECBRO has been contacted by the NC STATE UNIVERSITY professor in regards to this project and has been in observation of our field work and how we conduct ourselves and seeing that we have a sincere approach using scientific methods, however they want to become a guide and asked if we would participate by allowing them to give us the scientific tools using proper PROTOCOL to ensure that we do not bring fault to our work and efforts.

So much more was discussed involving this new project even DNA Evidence which is further away being involved at this time.

The professor stated that the existence of Bigfoot ” CAN” be proven without the evidence of a body present, because with stubborn Science a body would most likely not be good enough. This project is against all harm and the safety of the rare subject living among us.

A few details of information on this matter was shared on this project in 2018 at the ECBRO 1st ANNUAL VIRGINIA BIGFOOT CONFERENCE as for the Professor he was one of our Speakers as we open the doors to Science in a whole new world. The ECBRO DISCOVERY PROJECT is a proud participant in this new project.

*Further practice and learning to follow as we will share the basics with fellow researchers who are willing to participate and join in with the ECBRO TEAM.

(Revised 9/10/19)